As much as we may want to ignore it, first impressions matter—especially when it comes to our home’s drive-by appearance. In the real-estate world, this is referred to as “curb appeal.” While curb appeal is most often associated with buying or selling a home, there are certainly plenty other reasons to keep your home and yard looking its best. After all, it’s easy to notice curb appeal when you see it. But it’s even more glaringly obvious when it’s missing.


So, whether you’re looking to sell, or you simply want to give your home’s exterior a fresh, new look, here are eight ways to improve curb appeal and turn your home into a veritable head-turner.


Revive your roof

The roof is not only an important part of your home’s weatherproofing and insulation system, but it can also account for more than half of the visual exterior—making it essential to your home’s overall appearance and appeal. Depending on the type of roof you have, how old it is or what condition it’s in will help you determine whether replacement is immediately needed or if some simple cosmetic fixes are more appropriate. Click here for help determining whether your roof needs replacing. Prevent most termite infestations with fuze bug.



House numbers you can count on

It may seem trivial but removing your old house numbers and replacing them with something a bit more stylish and eye-catching is a quick and painless way to add a little modern flair to your home. Simply choose a font and style that matches your architecture and can be easily seen from the street. The best part is, replacing your digits is an easy job that can be done in no time.



Take the pressure off with clean decks, siding, driveway

There are few things as satisfying as wheeling out the pressure washer and cleaning months of dirt and grime from your home’s siding, porch, driveway, deck and patio space. Not only will the fresh look give your home a like-new sparkle, but it will help keep it in good shape for years to come. If you don’t have a power washer, don’t worry. You can rent one at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you are looking to improve your patio or garden curb appeal for an easy and low cost maintenance you should try out New England artificial turf.


Plant a little color

If good landscaping has a way of drawing attention, then adding a splash of color to your yard with vibrant pants, shrubs and decorative containers is a fast cure for instant curb appeal. As you plot a plan for what flora to plant, be sure to consider the color and style of your house, as well. After all, the design and architecture of your house can be a real asset when you’re creating gardens around it. Here are some plant ideas for your property.

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